concrete example 〜 Apparel 〜

ex.1 an example of Apparel Company W

Industry Employee
Women's casual wear
Planning and wholesale

Apparel Company W started as a shop of around 26m2 along the street in Harajuku.
Under a management policy of cooperation between MJY Consultant and Company W,
bolstered by MJY's expertise in creating a pipeline such as between the customer
and shopping center developers, in just three years six shops were opened and of course profits grew dramatically.

ex.2 an example of Apparel Company I

  • Head Office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Previously completely wholesale
  • Targeted at females in their 20’s to early 30’s
  • No experience in retail and no store info
  • Industry: Apparel (Casual)
  • ncreased stores from station buildings to large suburban shopping centers
  • Utilizing space to make a pleasant environment


concrete example 〜 General 〜

ex.3 an example of General Company C

  • Head Office: Yokohama
  • Industry: Ethnic Goods
  • Evolved from general merchandise to apparel with fashion at the center
  • Desire to expand into station buildings for the launch of new brands
  • Utilized store consulting from Teikoku Databank for a new branch strategy


ex.4 an example of accessories General Company S

  • Head Office: Kofu, Yamanashi
  • Implementation to a real shop from online sales


ex.5 an example of bicycle shop Company F

  • A totally new bicycle shop
  • Not sure where to open the shop
  • Creation of shop opening plan
    (negotiation with the developer, presentation for the desired zoning, negotiation and formulation of rental and other contracts, consultation regarding the store’s image, etc.)


concrete example 〜 food and drink 〜

ex.6 an example of crepe shop Company F

  • Used the new information resources to implement plan for new stores
    (Info on commercial facilities of JR station premises, private railways’ underground shopping areas, and JR/private railway affiliated companies)
  • Successful openings in and around train stations
    *Presently two successful openings within the JR stations (Kouenji, Ebisu)


ex.7 an example of bakery Company B

  • Used the new information resources to implement the plan for the new stores (Existing stores: Grocery supermarket and GMS)
  • Opening at good locations requires a strong brand  Cannot beat large national chains
  • Develop conditions for opening stores in prime locations in the station underground or commercial facilities
    *Presently one store (in the Red Brick Warehouse), and planning branches in the station, etc.


ex.8 Implementing strategy to expand from the existing roadside store to inside the train station building

  • 10 shops centered in Kanagawa Prefecture / Roadside branches
  • Reconsidered roadside shops (High investment, decrease in car usage)
  • Proceed with plan to open shops in station buildings, shopping centers
  • Development of new low investment business → product exhibition / Sales even in existing shops


concrete example 〜 service 〜

ex.9 an example of beauty Clinic Company

■ Development of Location for New Clinic
  • Implemented product development to match the market for starting business in a prime location
  • Implemented clinic creation and promotion to match the market in coordination with the developers

■ After Opening
  • Successfully attracted more customers than expected and now planning a second branch


ex.10 an example of dentist

  • 60,000 dental clinics in Japan. A new direction was needed to counter the severe competition and market saturation.
  • Development of new branches and services
  • Haneda Airport New International Terminal→ Taking on a new market
  • Redeveloped building in front of Kamiooka Station → Nicely located branch in congested part of the station building


ex.11 an example of Nail Salon Company L

  • Industry: Nail salon
  • Employee: 20
  • Experience of opening nail salon branches → Failed
  • Required market research for developing branches, development of branches with long-range planning
  • Desire to open in a popular station building → Severe competition
  • Desire to operate with a low budget = Development of Shop in Shop


ex.12 an example of heiar salon Company O

■ Requirements for New Shops
  • 1. Cut salon appealing to women as well as men → desire to open in shopping centers, etc.
  • 2. A new type of shop = Consultant with extensive experience taking on new types of business
  • 3. Desire to open in a station building or shopping center → Want info on good lots